We are shipping the new version with the following changes sequentially from 2023.
1. Labeling:
・The printing direction has been reversed from the current version. The starting point of the labeling will be changed to the Super Brush nib, so the Copic Ciao logo will not be upside down when Ciao markers are stored in their plastic case.
・The layout and size of the labeling have been changed.
2.Barrel and cap color changes:
・Cap: Changed to match the actual ink color as closely as possible.
・Barrel: Changed to a brighter color, closer to Copic Sketch.
3.Structural Improvements:
・The design of the barrel body and the inside of the cap has been improved to reduce direct contact with the nib when the cap is opened/closed.
・The design of the top of the cap has been improved to ensure safety in the event of accidental ingestion.
During the transition period to the new version, the following three types of Ciao markers with different specifications may exist on the market for the time being:
A. Current barrel (with current labeling)
B. Current barrel (with new labeling): Only “1. Labeling” from the above changes is reflected.
C. New barrel (with new labeling): All of the above changes, “1. Labeling”, “2. Barrel and cap color changes” and “3. Structural Improvements” are reflected.

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